Harry Groener as Prospero in Tempest

As the sun sets on SOC's 2017 season, a big THANK YOU is in order to all of you for making this another outstanding year under the stars in Garden Grove.  Thanks to you, we are the envy of all professional theaters in our area, as our audience continues to grow, and is filled with joy, youth, and the diversity that reflects the community around us.

Thanks to you, we've carved out a niche in bringing multi-cultural and spectacular renditions of Shakespeare, innovative stagings, varied programming, stars, and surprises to The Festival Amphitheater, and to, most of all, maintain our "One Big Family Under The Stars" vibe as we burst at the seams with growth. Thanks to you, we were able to bring you the story of Henry IV, Prince Hal and Falstaff, and those wacky Pirates of Penzance. And our unforgettable staging of THE TEMPEST, directed by Pete Uribe and featuring Miock Ji's Korean drum team, the great Harry Groener, a host of clowns, and a boatload of beautiful Ariels, unlike any "Tempest" I've ever seen or heard of.

Thanks to you, we continue to swing for the fences, knowing that you'll be there to share with us the freshest, funnest, most original productions around.  The 2018 season will come soon, and we are brewing up something special. You can bet it'll be innovative, elevating and FUN!

Watch for season announcements in November, and our annual Holiday Flexpass Special will go on sale around the Holidays... the very best deal on the very best reserved seats for next summer. And totally flexible! There'll be some upgrades and changes at the Amphitheater as The City of Garden Grove and the LFA Group begin a facelift campaign to bring our beloved home up to snuff for next season... Very exciting!

Make sure to subscribe to our emails, and follow us on social media for emerging details. And, again, THANK YOU!

See you soon,
John and Tess



"BEST THEATRICAL MAKEOVER" - Orange Coast Magazine


2016 LOCAL IMPACT GRANT - California Arts Council

 Most Influential 2014, Artistic Director John Walcutt - Orange County Register